■WAXAHATCHEE | アメリカン・ルーツ・ミュージックに深く踏み込んだ最新作『SAINT CLOUD(セイント・クラウド)』を今春にリリースしたワクサハッチーの最新インタビューがStrike A Chord で公開。英語版もあり。

Japanese Edition

English Edition


2020-09-28 : Waxahatchee :

■WAXAHATCHEE | Pitchfork「Best New Music」獲得。ワクサハッチーのニュー・アルバム『SAINT CLOUD(セイント・クラウド)』、4/2発売。

Early praise for Saint Cloud:

"Her best album yet." - Rolling Stone

"Katie Crutchfield becomes an all-time great." - The Guardian

"She sounds untethered to the past, newly centered, like she's got enough time to wander and enjoy the scenery along the way." - Pitchfork

"The little frictions of a continuing relationship crest and subside and continue to smolder in "Lilacs"...It's an unhurried folk-rock tune, with a ticking two-chord vamp for verses, that has Katie Crutchfield examining every lingering slight and potential ambivalence while sizing up her own obsessiveness. Instead of a happy ending, there's a tentative reckoning." - The New York Times

"This utterly beautiful balm of a record feels less like a confessional, and more a vessel for warmth, serenity and worldly wisdom." - Q, 4/5

"Clear-eyed self-reflection with the distortion dialed down... The first single pulses with palpable warmth and radiates self-acceptance." - NPR

"Her best album yet." - i-D

"A thick braid of an album, each song a bundle of strands interweaving with the next." - MOJO, 4/5

"This stunningly pretty ode to recovery is Crutchfield's finest work, and possibly her masterpiece." [Album of the Week] - Loud and Quiet, 9/10

"Her most beguiling, melodic hooks yet." - Uncut, 8/10

"Crutchfield's voice is more versatile than ever. Every enunciation feels purposeful, whether she's gasping and coming up for air or howling into the night sky." - Stereogum

"Saint Cloud as a complete work is breathtaking." - The Independent

"The finest work of Crutchfield's career, both warmly inviting and bracingly cathartic, and one of the very best albums of early 2020." - UPROXX

"A very special album indeed." - DIY, 4.5/5

"The best batch of Waxahatchee songs yet, with Crutchfield at her most candid, raw and clear-eyed. This is the work of someone who's begun to write a bold new chapter in her life, and it's special stuff." - The Line of Best Fit, 9.5/10

"From the elegant and wistful riffs on tracks like 'Can't Do Much' to her Alabama accent flying high on 'Lilacs', hearing Crutchfield lean into her Southern roots feels her most natural expression yet." - Crack, 8/10

"The lead track "Fire" embodies that sonically airy, lyrically direct approach. Minimal instrumentation carries the song's steady step, leaving a clearing for Crutchfield to vocally ebb and flow in her unique delivery." - Consequence of Sound

"Confessional lyrics and irresistible hooks." - Time Out

Album of the Month - The Skinny, 4/5

"Reminds me of Dylan." - SPIN

"The sound of an artist letting layers float away, of a musician who has fallen in love with music again." - London in Stereo

"The track is as strong as it is vulnerable, with triumphant, quiet drums that serve as a battle cry for Katie Crutchfield's newfound determination in sobriety. Most notably, it's Waxahatchee's most direct pop song since Ivy Tripp's excellent "La Loose," a return to form with a distinctly modern, distinctly Crutchfield touch." - Paste

"A validation of a decade of supremely beautiful songwriting." - Dork, 4/5

"While the first single might be named after the most destructive classical element, the record's sound generally shares more in common with air-it feels breezily triumphant, sometimes nearly weightless, like a burden has been lifted, even when it's clear that weightlessness was hard-earned." - The AV Club

"An artist to cherish." - NARC, 5/5


2020-03-27 : Waxahatchee :
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