■Downtown Boys | ダウンタウン・ボーイズ、ヨーロッパ・ツアーにあわせてSelenaのカヴァー「Fotos Y Recuerdos」を公開。

Downtown Boys - Fotos Y Recuerdos (Selena cover)

What people are saying about Downtown Boys:

”Cost of Living, Downtown Boys’ third full-length, was written before this year’s inauguration, but its battle cries over centuries of injustices for marginalized people who have been left out of historical (and musical) narrative feels timeless” [Cost of Living, 8.5/10] - Paste

“a fierce offering that takes aim at fascism, queerphobia, capitalism, and racism in a howl of cathartic energy.” [Cost of Living, 8.5/10] - Loud & Quiet

“Downtown Boys are an antidote to 2017, to Trump’s America, to oppression of all marginalized groups. The bi-lingual Chicana, queer and Latino outfit are also a punch to the larynx of tired, white-washed punk rock that’s turned so far towards its own privileged naval.” [Cost of Living] - Under The Radar

“Like a cross between X-Ray Spex and Rage Against The Machine as reinterpreted via US hardcore.” [Cost of Living] - Uncut

“Nobody writes like Ruiz and Joey DeFrancesco, who espouse strength in the face of oppression.”[Cost of Living, 4/5] - MOJO

”Cost of Living is refined, an example of a band who can still make an album sound angry and alive under its surface sheen.” [Cost of Living] - Stereogum

”Cost of Living, the band’s third full album, does more than just chronicle what it’s like to be a non-straight and/or non-white working class person in America. It’s a declaration of war against the status quo.” [Cost of Living] - Uproxx

“It’s a pure punk attack, with driving guitars, bulldozing drums, Victoria Ruiz’s uninhibited shouts of anger for the oppressed, and of course the sax.” [Cost of Living] - Brooklyn Vegan

“Downtown Boys are an antidote to 2017.” [Cost of Living] - Under the Radar

“They craft a punk record that finds perfection between raw energy, handfuls of talent and something to say.” [Cost of Living, 8.0/10] - Northern Transmissions

”The Cost of Living feels so vital because it’s not just a document of the times, or a surface level scanning of issues. Unlike so much modern ‘political’ music that falls into a sardonic appreciation of the world, Downtown Boys are on the streets, marching, rioting, singing. They want to be in the thick of it, because that’s the only way things will change.” [Cost of Living, 4/5] - Spectrum Culture

Cost of Living is a testament to our need for Downtown Boy’s spirit, and to the possibility of compassion in the quest for equality.” [Cost of Living] - The Fader

”Cost of Living will likely be remembered as a document of its time. However, Downtown Boys have done an admirable job of placing the specifics of their messages within the context of history, and infusing the record with a rich new musicality.” [Cost of Living] - SPIN

“A shot of pure adrenaline, Downtown Boys are an antidote to the carefully posed, cynical window of modern life. No time for frills, they’re true to their core. Start the riot.” [Cost of Living, 4/5] - Upset



2018-05-25 : Downtown Boys :

■Downtown Boys | ダウンタウン・ボーイズのサブ・ポップ移籍第一弾、通算3枚目のアルバム『コスト・オブ・リヴィング』、好評発売中。各メディア、大絶賛。

“Accompanied by production from Greg Norman and Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto, Downtown Boys sound sharper than ever, their urgency tightened into a raging storm.” – Pitchfork, Best New Track

“America’s Most Exciting Punk Band” – Rolling Stone

“[A Wall] feels powerful enough to break down any physical boundary.” – FADER

“Downtown Boys’ mission: to reject boundaries that separate our humanity.” – NPR

“Listening to [A Wall] feels like being seen, recognized—the head-nod—and the power in both the delivery and the words bring solace and strength.” – Jezebel

“There are serious grooves on Cost Of Living, chugging basslines that propel one song into the next, mood pieces that are thick and urgent and tightly controlled. […] They make music that aims to inspire some spark of radical progress in this country, and the torch is all of ours to bear.” – Stereogum

“For five years, the Providence-born punk collective Downtown Boys have been one of America’s most incendiary bands, their no-nonsense political stances and chaotic songs coming together in messages of personal and societal liberation.” – Boston Globe

“In their best moments … Ruiz and company solidify their status as the most vital band in the scene right now.” – Afropunk

“Downtown Boys are one of the most exciting bands around.“ – Salon


2017-08-14 : Downtown Boys :

■Downtown Boys | 今話題の米プロビデンス出身のパンク・バンド、ダウンタウン・ボーイズ。フガジのガイ・ピッチオットのプロデュースによるサブ・ポップ移籍第一弾、通算3枚目のアルバムが遂にリリース。

2017.8.11 ON SALE[世界同時発売]

「アメリカで最もエキサイティングなパンク・バンド」(Rolling Stone)

■アーティスト:DOWNTOWN BOYS(ダウンタウン・ボーイズ)
■タイトル:COST OF LIVING(コスト・オブ・リヴィング)
■発売元:ビッグ・ナッシング / ウルトラ・ヴァイヴ
1. A Wall
2. I'm Enough (I Want More)
3. Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)
4. Promissory Note
5. Because You
6. Violent Complicity
7. It Can't Wait
8. Tonta
9. Heroes (Interlude)
10. Lips That Bite
11. Clara Rancia
12. Bulletproof (Outro)

Downtown Boys - A Wall

Downtown Boys - Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)

●米ロードアイランド州プロビデンス出身のパンク・バンド、Downtown BoysがSub Pop移籍後初となるアルバム『Cost Of Living』をリリースする。
●『Cost Of Living』はDowntown Boysの約2年振りとなるサード・アルバムだ。プロデュースはBlonde RedheadやThe Gossipを手掛けたことでも知られるFugaziのGuy Picciotto。アルバムからは既に「A Wall」「Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)」の2曲が公開されており、「Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)」はPitchforkでベスト・ニュー・トラックを獲得している。

【Downtown Boys | ダウンタウン・ボーイズ】
Downtown Boysは米ロードアイランド州プロビデンス出身のパンク・バンドだ。2011年にバンド結成。翌2012年にはデビュー・アルバム『Downtown Boys』を自主リリースしている。2014年にはワシントンDCのレーベル、Sister Polygon Recordsより4曲入りの7インチ「Downtown Boys EP」をリリース。大きな評価を獲得する。2015年にはセカンド・アルバム『Full Communism』をDon Giovanniよりリリース。当アルバムからのリード・シングル「Monstro」をPitchfork、Stereogum、Spin等は絶賛。Rolling Stone誌は「アメリカで最もエキサイティングなパンク・バンド」とバンドを大きくフィーチャーした。

2017-06-15 : Downtown Boys :