■Hop Along | Hop Along - Somewhere A Judge

Hop Along - Somewhere A Judge

2019-01-25 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along | Hop Along - How Simple behind the scenes

Hop Along - How Simple behind the scenes

2019-01-25 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along | Hop Along - How Simple

Hop Along - How Simple

2019-01-25 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / Pitchfork - Overlooked Records of 2015

Pitchfork - Overlooked Records of 2015

Once again we're taking this space over the holiday weekend to highlight some very good records you might have missed. None of these releases received a Best New Music designation and not all were rated above an 8.0 but all are records worth revisiting. Read, listen, and we'll be back with album reviews on Monday.

>>> http://pitchfork.com/features/staff-lists/9678-overlooked-records-2015/

2015-07-13 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / 『Painted Shut』がAlternative Pressのこれまでのところの2015年のベストアルバムの1枚に選出!

Alternative Press - Best Albums of 2015 so far

Another half-year has passed, so it’s time for AP’s annual mid-year report, where we break down the best of the best so far, with the cut-off date of June 30. Stay tuned for our reports on best videos and our most anticipated albums of the rest of the year.

>>> http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/the_best_albums_of_2015_so_far

2015-07-13 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / SPIN Overlooked Albums Report: Hop Along Gives Us Palpitations, Mount Eerie Elevates the Mundane

SPIN Overlooked Albums Report: Hop Along Gives Us Palpitations, Mount Eerie Elevates the Mundane

We devour music at such a feverish pace that, more and more, great collections of songs fall through the cracks. In the case of the past six weeks, we uncovered such missed gems as Sacred Bones’ idea of body music and Phil Elverum’s take on Mark Kozelek’s confessional style. Meanwhile, a drill rapper holds her own, a folk-rock conscientious objector ages gracefully, and a Southern legend emerges triumphantly from a murder trial and the media circus surrounding. Here’s what SPIN caught up on this month.

>>> http://www.spin.com/2015/07/spin-overlooked-albums-report-boosie-badazz-hot-chip-mobo-the-great-hop-along/

2015-07-13 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / The 50 Best Albums Of 2015 So Far | Stereogum

Hop Along - Painted Shut (Saddle Creek)

It’s impossible to write about Hop Along without fawning over Frances Quinlan's voice. The universe fits inside its range, turbulent lyrical refrains expelled by her sweet-and-sour rasp. But Quinlan isn’t the only star on Painted Shut, a record that boasts the kind of spare instrumental intricacies that impress without pretension. Nothing about it is simple except for her straightforward mouthfuls of vitriol and remorse. Painted Shut is a rage-fueled attempt at resuscitation, startling listeners out of the realm of unfeeling and reminding them that anger is always justified when it’s righteous. --Gabriela



2015-07-01 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / 45 Best Albums of 2015 So Far | RollingStone

We Say: What's up with Philly lately? The most-mocked city in indie rock is suddenly bustling with fantastic young guitar bands like Hop Along. Their second album is a deep dive into raw emotions and ragged melodies.



2015-07-01 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / 10 New Artists You Need to Know: June 2015 | RollingStone

Sounds Like: If Flannery O'Connor fronted the Replacements: Sharply observed short stories set to incisive, insistent guitar music

For Fans of: Waxahatchee, Eighties R.E.M., Neutral Milk Hotel

Why You Should Pay Attention: The Philly crew signed to the venerable indie label Saddle Creek last fall, right around the time singer Frances Quinlan duetted with Rivers Cuomo at a Weezer gig; and this spring, Hop Along opened for ・・・・・・



2015-07-01 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / ホップ・アロングの最新作『ペインテッド・シャット』、Rolling Stoneのレビューで4/5点獲得!

ホップ・アロングの最新作『ペインテッド・シャット』、Rolling Stoneのレビューで4/5点獲得!

Painted Shut

Painted Shut Hop Along Saddle Creek
By Rob Sheffield May 5, 2015

Rising Philadelphia band finds power in the everyday
What's up with Philly lately? The most-mocked city in indie rock is suddenly bustling with fantastic young guitar bands like......



2015-05-10 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / ホップ・アロング、5月6日発売の新作『ペインテッド・シャット』がPitchforkのレビューで7.9/10点を獲得!


Hop Along
Painted Shut
Saddle Creek; 2015
By Mike Powell; May 4, 2015

The songs on the second album by the Philadelphia band Hop Along seem to have come whirling out of a fairytale, visceral but ornate, outside reality but still scarred by it. Their energy comes from punk......



2015-05-05 : Hop Along :

■Hop Along / Stereogumにホップ・アロングのインタビューが掲載されています。

Q&A: Hop Along On Being Painted Shut + “Texas Funeral” (Stereogum Premiere)

The first thing you’ll notice about Hop Along is Frances Quinlan’s voice. It’s an evocative thing, scratchy and muscular and resistant in all the right places. It’s capable of soaring at intense heights and burrowing into gritty lows. You can almost hear the blood gurgling in the back of her throat as she strains to get every word out. Next, you’ll start to take in the sonic world that Quinlan and the band — made up of her brother Mark on drums, guitarist Joe Reinhart, and bassist Tyler Long — have spent almost a decade tirelessly perfecting. It’s a landscape pocked by deep chasms, with barbed-wire mountains and grubby plains. Hop Along feel timeless and insular — whe・・・・・・

>>> http://www.stereogum.com/1793818/qa-hop-along-on-being-painted-shut-texas-funeral-stereogum-premiere/franchises/interview/


2015-04-14 : Hop Along :
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