■KIWI JR. | ★★★★ 4 Stars (The Observer/Guardian, MOJO, Visions, Les Inrocks, DIY, All Music, NARC, Shindig)、8/10(Exclaim, CLASH, The Line of Best Fit)。キーウィJR.、発売中のニュー・アルバム『COOLER RETURNS(クーラー・リターンズ)』より「Maid Marian's Toast」のビデオを公開。

Kiwi Jr. - Maid Marian's Toast [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The returns on Kiwi Jr’s Cooler Returns:
“…The accomplished successor to this band’s promising 2019 debut finds Kiwi Jr having their cake and eating it.” - ★★★★ The Observer/TheGuardian

“Sustaining momentum near-flawlessly across 13 songs… Kiwi Jr. have the skills to match their smarts” - ★★★★ MOJO

“Canadian absurdists’ return is a lyrical delight” - Uncut

“Kiwi Jr. songs unfold like the aisles of a cluttered curio shop, their retro-rock melodies overflowing with non sequiturs and hyper-specific scraps of story.” - The AV Club

“The band rattle through a seemingly inexhaustible supply of hooks and melodies” - ★★★★ DIY

“Packed with golden hooks and subtle weirdness” - [8/10] Exclaim

“Crammed full of wry, observational wit and pop smarts in taut fashion” - [8/10] CLASH

“…Still light and agile, basking in the sunlight as their vivid guitar work and straightforward vocals do the talking. They love a good hook as much as they love a charismatic, illuminating one-liner.” - PASTE

“The band’s knack for simple but sticky melody is in even clearer view on Cooler Returns.” - ★★★★ All Music

[“Cooler Returns” is] “a jangly, indie rock earworm that’ll lodge itself in your brain” - NME

“Shambolic yet catchy songs are loaded with fractured riffs and lyrical non-sequiturs” - Uproxx

“Ook de referenties zijn dik in orde: the Chills, The Strokes, The Kinks, Pavement en de vroege R.E.M. ‘Fonkelende gitaarplaat die refereert aan heden en verleden.” - [Best Albums of the Month”] OOR

“…Another mighty fine record.” - Under the Radar

“An impressive set of ‘90s-influenced slacker-rock with jangly guitars, rollicking piano and occasional organ, harmonica, and other instrumentation, along with observational, often-sardonic lyrics and an abundance of catchy song hooks. - KEXP

“Cooler Returns is all hits, a baker’s dozen of ridiculously catchy three-minute pop nuggets that deliver massive sing-along-choruse…” - Brooklyn Vegan

“A bloody good album full of vivid charm” - ★★★★ NARC

“They understand sarcasm, can write clever, funny lyrics and don’t take themselves completely seriously.” [9/10] - God Is In The TV

“Perfect pop-songs” - Louder Than War

“Cooler Returns is everything you might expect from a band like Kiwi Jr., and so much more.” - [4/5] Stereoboard

“Angular, catchy as hell, revved up power-pop racket” ★★★★ Shindig

“What sets Kiwi Jr. apart from their peers though is their madcap view of the world and Cooler Returns establishes them as a band too confident to conform; a band who have all the skills to match their lyrical smarts” - [8/10] Line Of Best Fit

“L’année 2021 ne pouvait mieux commencer qu’avec cet excellent disque a l’entrain communicatif, d’une inspiration jubilatoire, veritable rayon de soleil au cour de l’hiver”- [4/5] Rock & Folk (France)

“Les quatre musiciens de Toronto ne changent pas leur formule gagnante et livrent une guitare jangly élégante et efficace.” - Les Inrocks (France)

“…Timeless, memorable, beautifully crafted pop songs” - Echoes and Dust

”Cooler Returns is an impressive achievement” - Our Culture

“…A jangle-pop delight filled with tight hooks and creative tales” - The Revue

2021.1.27 ON SALE


■アーティスト:KIWI JR.(キーウィJR.)
■タイトル:COOLER RETURNS(クーラー・リターンズ)
■品番:OTCD-6832 ※帯付で解説他は付きません。
■発売元:ビッグ・ナッシング / ウルトラ・ヴァイヴ
1. Tyler
2. Undecided Voters
3. Maid Marian's Toast
4. Highlights of 100
5. Only Here for a Haircut
6. Cooler Returns
7. Guilty Party
8. Omaha
9. Domino
10. Nashville Wedding
11. Dodger
12. Norma Jean's Jacket
13. Waiting in Line

Kiwi Jr. - Cooler Returns [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Kiwi Jr. - Undecided Voters [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Kiwi Jr.はカナダのインディ・ロック・バンドだ。メンバーはJeremy Gaudet(Vo/G)、Brohan Moore(Dr)、Mike Walker(Ba)、Brian Murphy(G)の4人。地元シャーロットタウンからトロントへ移り活動を本格化させた。2019年にカナダのMint Recordsよりデビュー・アルバム『Football Money』をリリース。同アルバムはPersona Non Grata/Kiwi Clubより、翌2020年1月に他国でもリリースされ、Pitchfork、UNCUT、NPR Music等から絶賛された。当『Cooler Returns』はバンドのセカンド・アルバムで、Sub Popからは初のリリースとなる。アルバムはバンド自身のプロデュースの元、Graham Walsh(METZ、Bully)のミックス/エンジニアリングによりトロントでレコーディングされた。また、マスタリングは、オタワのBova LabsでPhillip Shaw Bovaによりおこなわれた。アルバムからのファースト・シングルは「Undecided Voters」で、2020年9月に公開された。尚、ギターのBrian MurphyはAlvvaysでベースを担当していることでも知られる。


2021-01-29 : Sub Pop :
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