■LAEL NEALE | ラエル・ニール、新曲「Hotline」をリリース。最新アルバム『ACQUAINTED WITH NIGHT(アクウェインテッド・ウィズ・ナイト)』、発売中。


Lael Neale - Hotline (Official Video)

What people are saying about Lael Neale:
“Who knew the world was lacking a country-folk version of Broadcast until now?” - ★★★★ MOJO

“…a beautiful, otherworldly record.” - Aquarium Drunkard

“With her Omnichord, the singer/songwriter exposes the nerve endings of her songs.” ★★★★★ - Musikexpress

“This album reminds listeners that life is full of beauty not in spite of, but because of, the ordinary details of every day.” [8/10] - Loud & Quiet

“…an intimate, lo-fi set of songs that seem unearthed from the dusty vaults of time.” ★★★★ - The Forty Five

“The simplicity is part of what makes her record so beautiful; just her voice, her words, her electric guitar, and her omnichord are enough to put the listener in a trance.” - SPIN

“The result is the urgent melodies and unadorned instrumentals on Acquainted With Night, a collection of songs that’s disarmingly poetic in its simplicity.” - The AV Club

“Her lyrics are intuitive, meandering between memory and fantasy. As she ponders the rituals of the mundane – folding sheets, making toast, watching strangers in the street – her old-timey vocals and country-folk melodies make gorgeous, placid trails, gently crackling on the four-track tape.” - The Guardian

“With a celestial voice stripped of any artifice, Lael Neale skillfully blends romance and the banality of life with brilliant songs of drama and humor.” - Les Inrocks

“…There is a raw, unvarnished energy screaming throughout these 10 tunes.” [8/10], Northern Transmissions

“Lael Neale’s second album weaves intimacy with dreamy, Omnichordal magic.” - Secret Meeting

“A collection of intimate, powerful, and incredibly relatable songs, Acquainted with Night paints a portrait of solitude that resonates with the current state of the world.“ - Monster Children

2021.3.10 ON SALE


■アーティスト:LAEL NEALE(ラエル・ニール)
■タイトル:ACQUAINTED WITH NIGHT(アクウェインテッド・ウィズ・ナイト)
■品番:OTCD-6835 ※帯付で解説他は付きません。
■発売元:ビッグ・ナッシング / ウルトラ・ヴァイヴ
1. Blue Vein
2. Every Star Shivers in the Dark
3. Acquainted with Night
4. White Wings
5. How Far Is It to the Grave
6. For No One For Now
7. Sliding Doors & Warm Summer Roses
8. Third Floor Window
9. Let Me Live by the Side of the Road
10. Some Sunny Day

Lael Neale - Blue Vein [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Lael Neale - For No One For Now [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Lael Neale - Every Star Shivers in the Dark [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Lael Nealeはヴァージニア州の田舎の農場で育ったが、ここ10年ちかくはロサンジェルスがホームであった。その間、ソングライティングを磨き、町中のヴェニューでプレイしたが、より良いレコーディングの方法は見つけられずにいた。「ドラム、ベース、ギター、ヴァイオリン、オルガンと楽器を重ねるにつれ、曲の活力が失われる」と彼女は感じていたのだ。2019年の初め、Laelはオムニコードを手に入れ、これが解決策となった。Laelは大量の曲のレコーディングを開始し、彼女を長年サポートしていたGuy BlakesleeはLaelのベッドルームにカセット・レコーダーを設置。4トラックでファースト・テイクのみを使用する形で曲を完成させていった。こうして最初にレコーディングされた曲がシングル「For No One For Now」であった。


2022-01-18 : Sub Pop :
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