■Iron & Wine | アイアン&ワインのニュー・アルバム『ビースト・エピック』、好評発売中。PASTE(8.1/10)、AV CLUB(Grade: A)、Sunday Times ‘Album of the Week’(4/5)、The Guardian(4/5) 、MOJO(4/5) 、Uncut(8/10) 、Q Magazine(4/5)、Record Collector(4/5) 、Shindig(4/5) 、Long Live Vinyl(9/10) 、Guitarist(8/10) 、Total Guitar(4/5)

What “The People” are saying about Beast Epic:

“Everything about Beast Epic feels true to Iron & Wine. Beam neither abandons his greater ambitions nor overindulges. He’s making a return trip to his roots, offering a gentle reminder of his early records’ simple beauty while allowing himself the freedom to build.” - American Songwriter

“A confident album from an artist who isn’t afraid to merge the past and present, Sam Beam continues to audibly demonstrate why he’s one of the most gifted songwriters of his time.” [8.1/10] - PASTE

“Beam has written his most affecting, impressive set of songs in a long time—maybe ever—and that’s saying something for a guy whose songwriting rarely misses, even when he’s stretching his sonic wings. Beast Epic strikes a perfect balance between gorgeous and world-weary from the first note to the last.” [Grade: A] – AV CLUB

It is the sound of Iron & Wine returning home, ending one chapter and beginning another…He finds comfort in retracing his own steps. This doesn’t mean sacrificing production value or abandoning the use of outside players, but everything here takes a backseat to Beam’s melodies. When subtleties appear—the vocal harmonies that underscore the emotional swells of “Bitter Truth,” the despondent violins and dusty pianos echoing from what sounds like another room in “Summer Clouds”—they are in service of songs that could stand comfortably without them. Working as his own producer with a live recording style and few overdubs, Beam has never sounded more in control. Even the album’s most sweeping production, the slow-building single “Call It Dreaming,” remains focused as Beam adds percussion, cello, and keys to his pristine and determined vocals. When the album closes with the fragile “Our Light Miles,” and Beam attempts to lob a delicate falsetto as a big finish, it cements Beast Epic as some of the best singing of his career. - Pitchfork

“Fifteen years after his first album, Sam Beam still has the capacity to surprise…Beast Epic serves as a valuable way point in Iron & Wine’s still-evolving legacy. Whatever sonic paths his next record treads, Beam has proven, to his fans’ great relief, that he’ll always know the way back home. ” [Grade: B] - Consequence of Sound

“With Beast Epic, Beam enlists the beguiling calm in his manner–he reaches for the cooling restraint of his masterful Our Endless Numbered Days, and polishes it with the draping bougainvillea in his beard, a robust production that’s decidedly stripped, at its best moments approaching the finest parts of The Shepherd’s Dog.” -Under The Radar

“The album may lack an atmosphere of immediacy but you’ll soon love it, from the charms of the gently chugging Bitter Truth via the sublime melody of Call It Dreaming.” - [4/5] Sunday Times ‘Album of the Week’

“With Beast Epic Beam has delivered a suite of songs that is equal to anything he’s done before.” - The Quietus

“Iron & Wine’s sixth album essays yet more romantic, Americana–tinged songwriting… The songs may be modest, but their sure–footed craft creates profound, 12 tog comfort”
[4/5] The Guardian

“The record unfolds its songs of faith, hope and sudden clarity slowly, little glints and catches commanding attention. It might not look like its going to leap out and grab you, but Beam here launches a soft emotional punch.” [4/5] - MOJO

“Beam employs pastoral and ecclesiastical imagery to capture those moments of rapture, regret and redemption that become life markers.”[8/10] - Uncut

“Beast Epic marks a loop back to the more insular feel of his earlier material, from the bare–boned opener Claim Your Ghost to the gentle warmth of Call It Dreaming. The result is surprisingly refreshing – a kind of father–to–son conversation between songwriter and song.” [4/5] - Q Magazine

“Beast Epic is an effortless acoustic swell… A warm, kind album that has songs up there with Beam’s best.” [4/5] - Record Collector

“A superb collection of musings on the passing of time… One of our finest contemporary songwriters.” [4/5] - Shindig

“Timeless American folk that charms the listener with its sense of comfort and calm… A dreamy delight from start to finish.”[9/10] - Long Live Vinyl

“Beam’s dynamic playing is pitched perfectly with the soothing qualities of his voice and melodies… One of his strongest records yet.”[8/10] Guitarist

“There’s a warm and welcoming intimacy throughout this album… One of Beam’s strongest musical statements yet.” [4/5] - Total Guitar

“The maturity of a life long lived forms the basis of the album’s 11 songs… This is tender and meditative music that contemplates the complex tapestry of existence.” - Classic Rock

2017.8.25 ON SALE[世界同時発売]


■アーティスト:IRON & WINE(アイアン&ワイン)
■タイトル:BEAST EPIC(ビースト・エピック)
■発売元:ビッグ・ナッシング / ウルトラ・ヴァイヴ
1. Claim Your Ghost
2. Thomas County Law
3. Bitter Truth
4. Song in Stone
5. Summer Clouds
6. Call It Dreaming
7. About a Bruise
8. Last Night
9. Right for Sky
10. The Truest Stars We Know
11. Our Light Miles

Iron & Wine - Call It Dreaming [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

●名実共にインディ・フォークのシーンを代表するシンガーソングライター、Sam Beamのソロ・プロジェクト、Iron & Wineが古巣Sub Popへ戻り6枚目のアルバム『Beast Epic』をリリースする。
●「動物が人のように話したり行動したりする物語。我々の人生を完璧に描写したサウンド」と語られるこのアルバムは、前作から約4年振りの作品で、過去の作品に賛同したかのようなサウンドを持ち、全てをライヴでレコーディング。オーヴァーダブも最小限に抑えた作りとなっている。全曲、Sam Beam自身により書かれ、プロデュースも自身がおこなった。アルバムはシカゴのスタジオ、LoftでTom Schickによりレコーディングされ、マスタリングはナッシュビルでRichard Doddがおこなった。また長年のIron & Wineのコラボレーター、Rob Burger (keys)、Joe Adamik (percussion)、Jim Becker (guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin)、Sebastian Steinberg (bass)、Teddy Rankin Parker (cello)がレコーディングに参加した。2017年6月にはアルバムから「Call It Dreaming」のビデオが公開されている。

【Iron & Wine | アイアン&ワイン】
Iron & Wineは米サウスカロライナ州出身のシンガーソングライター、Sam Beamによるソロ・プロジェクトだ。フロリダ州立大学で芸術学の修士号を取得した彼は、大学などで教師をしながら曲を書き続け、レコード会社にデモを送付。それが機となり、Sub Popと契約。2002年にデビュー・アルバム『The Creek Drank The Cradle』をリリースした。2004年にはセカンド・アルバム『Our Endless Numbered Days』をリリース。初めてプロフェッショナルなスタジオでレコーディングされたこのアルバムは大きな評価を獲得。後の大ブレイクへの大きな礎となった。2007年にはサード・アルバム『The Shepherd's Dog』をリリース。アルバムは米アルバム・チャートの24位を記録し、多くのメディアで同年のベスト・アルバムの一枚に挙げられた。2011年にはメジャー移籍後初となる4枚目のアルバム『Kiss Each Other Clean』をリリース。米アルバム・チャートの2位を記録。英でもトップ40ヒットなり、各国のチャートにもランクイン。ワールドワイドでのブレイク作となった。2013年には5枚目のアルバム『Ghost On Ghost』をリリース。ジャジーなサウンドにシフトしたこの作品も各国でヒットした。


2017-08-30 : Iron & Wine :
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